Industry sectors

  • Our 200+ dedicated M&A advisors realize the importance of industry knowledge to our clients. Global M&A Partners has the collective resources to offer in depth global expertise and contacts across a number of industries through our dedicated sector teams.

  • Business Services

    Our global Business Services Team provides direct access to sector-specific expertise, as well as global buyers and sellers, both within your home territory and throughout the world.

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  • Consumer Products

    Head of this sector team is M. John Tilson from the firm Brown Gibbons & Lang.

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  • Energy & Mining

    Local and global market factors influence the volatile commodity market. Recent years and months have seen increasing attention being paid to the issue of energy security.

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  • Food & Beverage


    Historically considered as a traditional and GDP-growth type sector, the food and beverage market is evolving toward a high growth, more specialized and global network. The Food and Beverage industry is facing major transformation driven by shifts in the supply chain, changing consumer preferences (e.g. wellness, health, ethnic, convenience), rapid food innovation and strong macro dynamics in many geographical regions.

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  • Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

    A quality workforce, consumerism and rising costs are some of the issues plaguing the global healthcare industry while pharmaceutical companies strive for transformational strategies to both create and sustain value.

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  • Industrials

    This sector team covers a broad range of manufacturing industries, such as automotive, machinery, mechanical engineering, power generation, hydraulics, automation & controls.

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  • Information Technology

    The technology industries are in a constant state of change due to ever-evolving technologies, fierce competition and increasing customer sophistication.

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  • Leisure & Retail

    The leisure and retail sectors are constantly changing. Competition is high, consumer spending is shifting, and the choice of leisure activities is continually expanding.

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  • Packaging

    Players in the packaging industry worldwide are always interested in acquiring information that may influence their strategy in a given segment or territory.

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  • Maritime and Offshore


    President of this sector team is Kees van Biert from JBR

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