Dovetail and Nysnø Klimainvesteringer have acquired a minority stake in Metizoft AS

Company Name
Description Metizoft is a maritime software company that provides tailored solutions for decarbonization and circularity in the shipping industry.
Global M&A Offices
Saga Corporate Finance (Global M&A Norway)
Global M&A Advisory Advisor to the seller
Further information

Saga Corporate Finance has assisted the owners of Metizoft AS in selling a minority stake to strengthen the company’s expertise in technology and ESG. Technology investor Dovetail (backed by Ferd Impact Investing and Skeie Technology) and climate investor Nysnø enter the ownership in Metizoft through a transaction consisting of both the purchase of shares and a share issue.

Metizoft, with headquarters in Herøy on Sunnmøre, was founded by Gry Cecilie Sydhagen in 2006 with an ambition to make the maritime industry greener. Today, Metizoft is a leading international supplier of software and services that ensures over 3,500 ships meet the requirements for sustainable and responsible operation. The company has the market’s leading solution for documenting hazardous substances on board ships (IHM) and an advanced system for handling chemicals. With their new ESG reporting and life cycle analysis (LCA) solutions, they are also ready to help their customers meet increased transparency and holistic environmental strategy demands.

The company had a turnover of approx. NOK 70m in 2022, with an ARR growth of over 50% in recent years. However, there is still considerable unrealized potential in its regulatory-driven market.

For Metizoft, retaining the Herøy identity and finding a partner with the expertise to contribute to value creation was critical. With Dovetail and Nysnø on the ownership side, the company is positioned to capitalize on the foundation they have built up while retaining the majority ownership.