Ardian / Isatis has acquired a minority stake in Digital Value

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Digital Value has chosen to partner with Ardian, a world leading private investment house, and Isatis Capital, a French specialist investment firm in innovative SMEs, to support its development and growth, as part of a €12M minority financing.

Based in Paris, Digital Value is a leader in data analytics for business, a new discipline at the crossroads of strategy consulting, data, and technology, and is soon expected to pass the €10M revenue mark.

Digital Value helps large companies to digitalize their core business and launch new digital activities, thereby maximizing their operational efficiency. It has a unique combination of:

  • Industry leading expertise in data analytics & science
  • A proven track record in strategic marketing
  • Extensive knowledge of digital ecosystems across the world, especially in Asia
  • An approach that is based on the development of technological tools for data collection and processing, which can increase the efficiency of traditional strategy consulting methods tenfold.
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