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The technology industries are in a constant state of change due to ever-evolving technologies, fierce competition and increasing customer sophistication.

Our global Technology Team provides direct access to sector-specific expertise, as well as global buyers and sellers, both within your home territory and throughout the world.

Transactional Experience

Communications & Information

  • Cable & Satellite Service Providers
  • Telecommunications Equipment
  • Diversified communications services
  • IT Services
  • Computers & Technology

Computer Hardware

  • Computer Storage and Peripherals
  • Electronic Equipment & Instruments
  • Internet Software
  • Online Services
  • Enterprise Networking Equipment
  • Semi-Conductor Device
  • Semi-Conductor Equipment
  • Semi-Conductor Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing
  • Application Software
  • Enterprise Software
  • Systems Software

Key Contact

Our teams are at your disposal to add value to your transactions

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Yair Ephrati
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