Business Services

Our global Business Services Team provides direct access to sector-specific expertise, as well as global buyers and sellers, both within your home territory and throughout the world.

Transactional Experience

  • Education
  • Facilities Management, Hard & Soft
  • Logistics
  • Waste Management & Recycling
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Consultancy Services
  • Security & Guarding
  • Testing, Inspection, Certification services (TIC)
  • Recruitment & other HR Business Support Services

In recent years, we have completed over 350 transactions in the Business Services Sector, of which over 160 deals with an aggregate value of more than €7 billion since 2015.

  • Over ninety transactions in Logistics Services
  • Over forty-five transactions in Education
  • Over forty transactions in Waste Management and Environmental Services
  • Over thirty-five transactions in Facilities Management Services
  • Over thirty transactions in Human Resources Services
  • Over fifteen transactions in Security Services
  • Over twelve transactions in Testing Inspection & Certification Services

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Key Contact

Our teams are at your disposal to add value to your transactions

Veronique Zeid-Maurel
+33 6 30 80 66 80

Veronique joined Financiere de Courcelles in 1993. Since then she he has been responsible for leading and completing a variety of transactions in different sectors.

With 20 years experience in Mergers & Acquisitions and over 30 completed transactions, Veronique is particularly focused and experienced in cross border transactions and is co-leader of the Global M&A Partners Business Services Team.

Selection of completed deals:

Acquisition of Locamet, Interim 25, Inter Alsace (French temporary staff regional leaders) by UK group CSG, MBO of POLYMARK (France/UK, sale & installation of laundry equipment), Sale of French subsidiary HONEYWELL Sécurité & Télésurveillance to CERBERUS SIEMENS. Sale of TEAMWORKS (IT Services, Austria) to ALTRAN. Sale of KNIGHTS SERVICES (cleaning services, Ireland) to PENAUILLE. Sale of ORION ENGINEERING (high added value engineering advisory services, NL) to ALTEN. Sale of AVON SPENCER MOULTON (French rubber crawler-track specialist) to PASSINI. Sale of LRI (French specialist distributor of valves, pumps and fittings) from Australian group GSA to QUARTUS and management. Acquisition of CHILLINGTON (UK wheel-barrow specialist) by HAEMMERLIN. Sale of DLT Maubeuge (Frozen bread) from listed Dutch group CSM to NEUHAUSER. Sale of DLT Le Mans (frozen viennoiserie) to PANAVI. Sale of DEPA, Benelux plastic disposables distribution business of Veriplast (formerly Autobar Packaging) to Paardekooper (NL). Secondary MBO of FTS (distribution of fittings pumps and valves). Sale of French based low density polyethylen film RECYCLING SOLUTIONS business of Veriplast to Oxxa. Sale of GAUPEN (leading norwegian trailer manufacturer with about 25% market share in light trailers) sold by Felliskopjet Agri to leading European player and French listed groupTRIGANO Sale of UFFI REAM, leading real estate investment management company, number 6 independent player in France, sold to FIDUCIAL Sale of FRANMAT (French tower crane rental business) to French holding Holgat specialising in crane rental, Sale of Tresch Clerget (wine wholeseller) to French wine group Grands Chais de France

Graduate of Concordia University, Montreal
Guillaume Piette

15-year M&A experience in SmidCap Transactions (€30m-€600m EV)

I have started my career in equity investments in London (mainly in Capital Goods and Industrials), before working in consulting with Arthur Andersen / Ernst & Young in London and Paris.

I moved to investment banking in 2006 when I joined GCA Altium a leading pan-European MidCap advisory firm. Cross-border transactions being part of my DNA, I joined DC Advisory in 2010. Before joining Financière de Courcelles as Managing Partner in 2020, I have spent seven years with goetzpartners as an MD and co-Head of France, notably leading the Business Services team at group level.

I have developed expertise in a number of sectors, i.a. Business Services (TIC, IP, BPO, among other segments), Industrials, and a growing appetite for tech-related subjects.

Philipp Elsen
+49 211 1588 7064
+49 173 6995271

Philipp holds an MSc in International Business having studied in Maastricht, Netherlands, and Lisbon, Portugal. He is a regular guest lecturer for Corporate Finance and Valuation in Maastricht, Netherlands.

Philipp is a partner at IOM Advisory and looks back to over 10 years of M&A experience. Having joined Global M&A Partners in 2013, he now is a member of the Operational Committee and co-heads the Business and Industrial Services team of Global M&A Partners.

Philipp has extensive experience in the following sectors: automotive, consumer & leisure, industrial, logistics, waste management.

Graduate of Concordia University, Montreal